3 reasons to outsource your marketing now!

It’s time to consider outsource your marketing department.

There are many good reasons nowadays to outsource your marketing. Especially now due to Covid 19 effect more and more companies start utilising remote working among their employees. Nevertheless the key reasons remain the ones that come down to money, time and expertise. Unlike sales, marketing department is usually a cost center. Or at least this is the main perception.

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On the contrary, the sales team is usually the last department to be cut. Having too many marketers can potentially drain your profits, but too few can lead to an overworked team. At times you may need some external opinion to help you move forward. An unbiased team that follows trends, knows best practices and becomes your revenue generation team.


Outsourced vs in-house (or mixed)

Lets have a look at the 3 main differences in these two working models:

“Pros & cons”

outsource your marketing: Cost

+ Outsource: Pay for what and when you need it, with zero overheads. Outsourcing your marketing department is much more cost-effective and will help you to squeeze the absolute most out of your marketing budget.

– In house: Employer tax, sick pay, annual leave, equipment, overtime, endless coffees – a new employee is an expensive investment.


outsource your marketing: Expertise

+ Outsource: A full mix of marketing specialists right when you need the most from each one. From PPC, content and growth experts to copywriters, strategists and designers. All that in one team.

– In house: There is no marketing professional that knows everything. It’s impossible to be good at all diverse sectors of the current business landscape. You’ll end up either sacrificing some marketing or outsourcing elements anyway to get the desired results.


outsource your marketing: Flexibility

+ Outsource: Big news in your industry? A one off campaign for Christmas required? Google’s updated its algorithm again!? An outsourced team are ready to go when you are and can act quickly when turnarounds get tight.

– In house: t’s difficult to be responsive when you’re working 9 to 5 with a daily workload of essential marketing tasks to put through. No time for extra digging in trends and reality can cause a real headache to your marketing department.


How to outsource your marketing?


Whether you are thinking to outsource your marketing department or a “portion” you have to be clear on the expectations. Check these options:


You could outsource your marketing and sales. Together!

Nowadays sales and marketing are closer than ever; thus the term “smarketing“. Why not outsource both? This way you will be sure that both departments are handled under the same agency.

You should definitely outsource your social media marketing!

No-one is more expert on this than the people who live in social media every single hour. If you are not one of this guys then you should definitely trust an agency.

Last but not least, outsource your digital marketing.

Content marketing, email marketing, SEM, SEO, paid, CPC etc. Everything that falls under this category should be outsourced to experts. You can test a couple of companies and then decide which one to sign on.

The Sachi Group can help you bypass the threat of hiring in-house, managing all these young professionals and becoming the dead end in the marketing budget.

We are here to follow your vision. But you must have the time to set it on. Don’t you agree?


Read my new article on the 7 reasons why your marketing strategy fails


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