8+1 daily easy to create content pieces for your brand

If you are having trouble with having ideas of what to share online,

don’t worry we have you covered!

1.Create an interesting blog post that really catches the attention of your audience

interesting blog post

2. Take pictures with partners, customers, or clients and add a long copy for context. Post on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter 

pictures with partners, customers,

3.Post a blog post on Facebook and on Instagram by adjusting your copy to fit each  social medium and don’t forget to use hashtags

Post a blog post on Facebook and on Instagram

4. You should also use Instagram stories and Facebook stories

new blog post on insta story

5. Crosspost your Instagram stories to Facebook Stories


6. Add easily and effortlessly trending news in your field


7. Share news about your employees that your audience really cares about

news about your employees

8. Crosspost your Linkedin post to Twitter

Crosspost your Linkedin post to Twitter

9. Create lightweight memes with easy to use tools, canva.com, or even Microsoft Paint 

lightweight memes with easy to use tools


Before you start creating your pieces of content you should have created a detailed by goals and subgoals content framework.

It is important to know your audience and to identify the tone of voice and the level of data, technical or contextual you should share to engage your target audience.

Don’t be afraid to be present for your audience and share your uniques pieces of content.

View the complete guide for a powerful content framework.

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