Google ads: How to increase sales during COVID 19? (5 min video and HubSpot pdf)

Google ads: The simple Google ads strategy that works whether you have an e-business or a local store.

“Hi, Chris.

I need to reduce my google ads spend immediately. In fact, why not stopping ads for a couple of months? “

I bet that most CEOs and MDs have sent this text to their marketing manager.  

I also bet that you dont know the 7 key reasons why big brands use different marketing strategy. Check here now.

But, are you unsure if you should stop your Google paid traffic right now?

You’re not alone! Just read some posts on Quora or go through Reddit. Everyone is discussing whether the Google ads investment is needed at the moment.

I’ve been answering these questions since March by providing data. I also keep challenging my partners and clients to shift their mindsets.


I wrote an article as well:

Now it’s the time to show you what I am seeing.


The reasons why you need to change and how to make those adjustments to increase your sales during COVID-19.

Using a a simple Google ads strategy.

Table of contents:

1. How google ads work (with video)

2. Google ads usage during COVID 19

3. What is the strategy to increase sales?

4. The everlasting question “Google ads or Facebook ads”


1. How google ads work (with video)



Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users.

To make it simpler:

You have an e-shop and you need to sell your products.

You place advertisements to Google and the exposed users will land in your website by clicking in any of these ads.


You sell gym products and you place an advertisement “get low cost protein shakes now!”.

Users click on this ad and land to your website with the intention to buy your product.


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Video example:

Check this 5 mins video.

Every second, there are 2.3 million searches performed on Google, and the majority of search results pages include Google ads.

Paid for by businesses, Google ads can be an effective way of driving relevant, qualified traffic to your website.

Exactly when people are searching for the types of products or services your business offers.

Check this guide from HubSpot ( if you are ready to dive deep.

2. Ads usage during COVID 19

We made a test.

We didn’t stop or reduced google ads spending and we compared the “COVID 19 months” to the previous period.

Numbers were compared from January 15-February 29 and March 1-April 15.

As you can see the sessions are almost the same. In fact, there is an increase of 4%.

But, leads conversion decreased by almost 14%.


What does this mean?

In “normal times” a conversion issue could mean you’re lacking credibility on your website. Or, not enough website personalization and customization. Or even worst your clients turn to a competitor.

During COVID, it’s most likely that the conversion decrease happens due to web users whose comfort level with the current situation is low.

Although they still have the intention to buy, they think twice before making the purchase.

And this is exactly the opportunity for you to communicate with your audience in a different, more impactful way.

3. What is the strategy to increase sales?

Think of it this way.

If you don’t try and decide to wait it out, you’ll fall further behind your competitors. And this is not part of your marketing process.

If you make educated moves but fall short, you’ll at the very least have an idea of how to adjust your approach going forward.

The ones who will have the most success will be those who take their best, common-sensed, educated move and immediately put their campaigns into action.

Your goal should be to find a way to communicate with your audience respecting these times.

Step 1: Build specific landing pages for COVID-19.

Build a landing page with a COVID-19 message.


Step 2: Add content in the form of blog posts.

You know how powerful content marketing is.

So, write down 10-15 articles on how your customers should do their marketing efforts during COVID 19 era.


Step 3: Rewrite your ad copy

This applies to all paid advertising you create throughout the current pandemic.

Google Ad’s character limitations don’t allow much room to convey a deeply sensitive and empathetic message, but you can utilize space to communicate that you’re still buying as well as other key points.

We’ve seen ads use copy such as:

· We’re Still Buying

· We are open online

· No Strangers to Your Home

· No-Direct Contact Required

· A Phone Call Is All It Takes

· We Can Buy Via Video, Phone, and Email

You want to create ads that showcase the options they have and the value your service can give them during these circumstances your audience is currently in.

Step 4: Check again your ad spend and do some trimming

Right now, a shift to pause some ad groups or keywords that didn’t perform at maximum value and add to negative keyword lists might be a smart approach.

For example, pause ad groups and/or keywords that haven’t produced a lead in the past month or two.

Of course, you can then revive these ad groups and keywords once we’re out of this pandemic.

For the time being, hang onto the ad groups and keywords that make the most impact.

Even during times like these, the old saying “you got to spend money to make money” holds true for paid traffic.

Pausing your campaigns altogether just isn’t the way to go!

You should always be looking for the most cost-effective approach to Google ads, but right now, it’s okay to tighten the spending up without feeling like you’re missing out on leads.


4. The everlasting question “Google ads or Facebook ads”

This section is an extra tip on how you can increase sales with different channels of paid advertising.

Google Ads will help you find new customers right away and in the process, give you an instant return on your marketing investment.

While Facebook Ads will help new customers find and explore you. And this way give you a better ROI in the long run.

Should you try Facebook ads?

Definitely yes!

No matter if you are a B2C or B2B company every single person on this planet has or will have a Facebook account! Okay… you got my point.

Wrapping up

The Google Ads industry changed entirely in the last month. Much of what we considered certainties only a few short weeks ago still remain today, but there are things you need to view a little differently for now.

Adapting during these uncertain times will help you to continue to grow.

Request a free consultation on Google ads and one of our experts shall help you decide your next steps on Google ads!


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