How to adapt your content marketing strategy during the coronavirus pandemic

What about content marketing strategy and coronavirus pandemic?

I’ve witnessed lots of economic crisis. The 2008 crisis, the Brexit situation and now what is commonly admitted as the biggest of all: The coronavirus pandemic!

The last month has been a nightmare. I literally speak with my clients every half an hour discussing what should be their next move. Or even worse, discussing that we should pause our marketing activities and wait for all this to go away.

Well, I say that this is one side of the coin.

“Brands should see this as an opportunity to be noticed, rather than keeping quiet”
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Marketing teams continue to cover new ground and confront unprecedented challenges triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. They deep dive to data trying to demystify whether online sales (by the way you should ask for our new CPA model ) will continue spiking for the upcoming months and when offline will take the revenge. They follow stats that clearly denote the gymnastics products and web cameras to be the king on the sales race.

But what should we actually do? Can we modify our content marketing strategy and be present in the market nowadays?

Firstly, lets clear some things out:

– A clear shift to e-commerce has impacts across the organisation, from supply chain to resourcing to marketing

Marketing mix models will be under significant changes

– Coronavirus impacts consumers mobility, shopping habits and biggest supply chains

– Marketing messages must be appropriate and engage consumers ruing the outbreak

– While organisations look at the short-term, marketers adjust their plans for the future

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If you still, follow this post then let’s find out the….

Top 9 marketing strategies to follow these days:

Content marketing

Don’t execute any fun campaigns around coronavirus.

Yes, we need to keep people happy but you don’t know who will see your campaign and whether or not he’s someone affected by Coronavirus.


Be realistic on your growth expectations.

Priorities will shift both in business and also people’s personal priorities and you have to accept your products may not be top of everyone’s agenda right now!

On the flip side people may have more time at home or in quieter offices to research or try out that product they’ve been waiting for a quiet moment to test.

Don’t stop marketing!

A recession is an opportunity. Continuing marketing investment makes it an excellent time to aim for growth as competitors make cutbacks.

Direct investments

Towards marketing tactics that drive online sales.

We expect this channel to grow. Leverage the momentum and try to be in front of your customers.

Shift budgets

Make content marketing campaigns that promote home delivery options.

Now that mobility is a big issue, it’s time to change your model and be where your customers are.

Go for the short-term sales or business outcomes

While keeping brand awareness campaigns live.

Now it’s the time to try reducing the damage. More focused campaigns and in the same time strong branding will do the work

Track data in local geographies

Check experienced varying levels of impacts and figure out how you can interact.

i.e. let’s say a town is locked down. Find a way to help with medicine staff and show case your social responsibility profile.

Post social content with empathy.

Show you’re not in complete denial of the global situation. Keep posting your products but try to be in your customers shoes.

Create tons of digital content.

People consume 10x more content nowadays. This is the opportunity to test, amplify and provide the most suitable content around your business benefits. This is also the opportunity to write lists on:

Working from home


Time management



Health care


Keep the lights on is a tough job. Marketing can help you do it better if you treat is a profit center and not a cost one. The Sachi Group services can help you survive the coronavirus pandemic in your business.

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