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How much time do we spend online?

According to Statista, we spend 2 hours and 42 minutes searching for information or engaging with content every day. The nation where people spend the most time on social media daily is the Philippines (on average, they spend 3 hours and 53 minutes). 

During the pandemic era of #covid19, counting a year now in our lives, the time we spend online increases.

Let’s see what is happening in terms of content creation and consumption.

infographic content in numbers sachigroup
infographic content in numbers sachigroup

What about the time we spend on social media?

Today, the global social network penetration rate is nearly 54%. 

Western Europe has a 79% penetration rate.

Eastern and Middle Africa rank by 10% and 8%, each. 

People use social media for a mixture of purposes. 

In general, users like to find funny or inspiring content and enjoy sharing photos and videos with friends. 

Still, they mainly use social media to be in touch with friends.

What is the influence of social media?

Social media has a wide-reaching and significant impact on online activities and offline behavior, and life. 

There was a global online user survey in February 2019. Many respondents said that social media had improved their access to information, ease of communication, and freedom of expression. 

On the other side, respondents also stated that social media had worsened their privacy, increased polarization in politics, and heightened everyday distractions.

What you should realize is that you need to have a powerful content strategy framework to amplify your content then you do not have many chances to reach your audience.

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